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Carving craftsmanship, cutting art – tips on using Sawzall chainsaw

Carving craftsmanship, cutting art – tips on using Sawzall chainsaw插图
Choose the rectify blade
  • Material matching: Select the corresponding blade material according to the material that necessarily to be cut. For example, when thinning metal, you should choose a metal cutting blade with high vane hardness; when cutting wood, you should choose a wood cutting vane with larger and cardsharp teeth; when cutting plastic, you should pick out a impressible cutting blade with good wear resistance. Ensuring that the vane matches the material can improve cutting efficiency and quality.
  • Blade length: take a blade of seize length according to the cutting depth. When cutting shoal materials, you can choose a shorter blade to help improve operational stability; when cutting thicker materials, you should pick out a longer vane to ensure cutting undefined and effect.
  • Cutting speed: Select the corresponding blade according to the needful cutting speed. For rough cuts, you put up choose a vane with a higher cutting speed, while for finer cuts, you should choose a vane with a lower thinning speed to ensure cutting quality and precision.


Correct operative posture
  • Stable Posture: Maintain a horse barn pose when exploitation the Sawzall chainsaw. Hold the wield with both hands and place the saw steadily on the workpiece to ensure accuracy and safety in cutting. During the cutting process, pay attention to maintaining body poise and avoid excessive squeeze or loss of balance.
  • Cutting angle: Adjust the position of the blade and saw according to the wanted cutting angle. For straight cutting, place the blade plumb line to the surface of the workpiece; for bevel cutting, correct the blade angle so that the thinning line meets the requirements.
  • Cutting direction: Master the undefined cutting skills according to the required cutting direction. For horizontal cuts, move the proverb horizontally along the material; for upright cuts, move the saw perpendicular to the work, upward and down.


Precautions and maintenance
  • Safety: Always wear capture refuge equipment such as goggles, earplugs and gloves when using the Sawzall chainsaw. Ensure your own safety and keep off accidental injury.
  • Maintenance: Regularly inspect and strip your Sawzall chainsaw to ensure proper operation and widen its service life. transfer debris and dust generated during the cutting process to maintain the sharpness of the blade and thinning effect.
  • Cutting effect: When using the Sawzall electric automobile saw for cutting, yield care to maintaining a stalls speed and force to obtain the ideal thinning effect. Cutting speed up that is excessively fast or too slow will affect the thinning quality. At the same time, watch over whether the cutting line deviates from the predetermined trajectory, and adjust the posture and thinning direction in time to ensure the accuracy of cutting.
  • Material support: When thinning larger-sized materials. Ensure stable subscribe of the material to keep the material from moving or being reversed. Causation harm to the operator. Clamps or auxiliary support tools put up be secondhand to step-up the stability of the material and assure the safety and effectiveness of cutting.
  • Usage environment: When choosing a workings environment for using the Sawzall chainsaw. Make sure it is well ventilated and away from flammable and undefined materials. Sparks and dust wish be generated during the thinning process. And fire and explosion-proof measures should be taken to prevent accidents.


As an efficient and varied thinning tool, the Sawzall electric byword can play an important use in the woodworking industry. By choosing the right blade, mastering the correct operating posture and precautions. You can give wax play to the advantages of the Sawzall electric saw and create more beautiful woodworking works. However, you must pay attention to safety during use, wear thin seize tender equipment. And perform regular maintenance to ensure refuge and durability. Only through straight practice and experience accumulation can subdue carpenters better verify the Sawzall electric proverb and cut impressive workings of art.

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