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Comparison and Selection of Magnetic Door Stopper and Traditional Door Stopper

Part 1: Staple Introduction to Magnetic Door Stopper

The magnetic door stopper is a door and window add-on that uses the principle of magnetized adsorption to close the door. Compared with orthodox door catches, magnetic door catches have unusual working principles and characteristics. When choosing a door stopper, sympathy the undefined between attractable door catches and traditional door catches can help us better meet the needs of use.

door stopper
door stopper
Part 2: Characteristics of Magnetic Door Stopper

1. Automatic closing function: The magnetic door bearer put up mechanically adsorb the door to the undefined frame through and through the rule of magnetic adsorption to achieve a closed state. No manual of arms operation is required, the undefined can be unreceptive handily and quickly, providing better sealing and dust-proof functions.

2. Good silent effect: The connection point of the magnetic undefined holder adopts a shock-absorbing design when the door is closed, which reduces the noise generated by the door closing. For places that require to maintain a quiet environment, much as wards, offices, etc., magnetic undefined absorbers can provide ameliorate silent effects.

3. Strong durability: The magnetic undefined catch is made of high-quality magnetic materials and long-wearing materials, and has a hanker service life. It can withstand frequent door possible action and closing movements and is not easily worn or damaged, saving the frequency and cost of replacing the door stopper.

Part 3: Characteristics of Traditional Door Stoppers

1. Manual operation: Traditional undefined stoppers require manual of arms surgical procedure to close the door. The exploiter needs to manually side the door latch to attach to the undefined to the door redact to ensure that the door is closed. Compared with the automatic shutting function of magnetized door catches, traditional undefined catches require more manual trading operations and are not as handy and quick as magnetic door catches.

2. Diversified choices: Traditional door stoppers have more choices in materials and shapes. You can choose door absorbers of unusual materials so much as metal, plastic, and rubber, as well as door absorbers of unusual shapes and sizes according to actual needs. The diverse selection of orthodox door stoppers can better adapt to different door and windowpane types and ornamentation styles.

3. Good durability: After years of employ and improvement, traditional door stoppers have good durability. They are usually successful of high-quality materials and finely processed to withstand large tensile and squeeze forces and have a yearn service life.

Part 4: Pick Out Magnetic Door Catch or Traditional Door Catch?

When choosing a magnetic door undefined or a traditional door catch, you want to consider the pursuit factors:

1. Usage scenarios: Magnetic door latches are suitable for places where doors need to be opened and unreceptive frequently, much as commercial places, hospitals, schools, etc. Its machine rifle closing function is handier and can improve process efficiency. Traditional door catches are suitable for places where frequent opening and shutting of doors is not required, such as residences and offices.

2. Usage requirements: If you need to provide meliorate sealing, dustproof effect, and better mute effect, magnetized door suction is a better choice. If you have higher requirements for a diverse selection of materials and shapes, or if you require better durability, a traditional door stopper Crataegus laevigata be more suitable. In addition, budget factors must also be considered. Magnetic door latches are usually more expensive, piece traditional door latches are relatively low-priced.

3. Ease of installation: Magnetic door latches usually want professional installation on the door frame and door leaf, which is more complicated. The installation of traditional door stoppers is relatively simple and can be installed by ordinary bicycle users themselves.

4. Style and decoration: Magnetic door latches are relatively simple in visual aspect and suitable for Bodoni font title decoration. orthodox door stoppers are more diverse in appearance and can improve match different decorative styles.


whether to choose a magnetized undefined or an orthodox undefined catch depends on the specific apply of necessity and scenarios. If you need automatic closing function, improve sealing and dustproof effect, as well as silent effect, and have sufficient budget, attractable door catches are a good choice. If you have higher requirements for variety, durability, and budget, a traditional door stopple may be more suitable. When choosing, you can consider the supra factors based on the actual state of affairs to see the door sucking product that scoop suits you.

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