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Safety Performance and Anti-theft Function of Door Latch

Part 1: Basic Introduction to Stoppers

As an important part of door and window pane accessories, door stopper not only verify the possible action and closing of the door and step-up the sealing of the door, but also have certain safety public presentation and anti-theft functions. In modern society, security issues are one of the important issues that populate yield great attention to. sympathy the security performance and anti-theft functions of door latches is crucial to protecting the safety of homes, businesses and world places.

door stopper
door stopper
Part 2: Safety Performance of Stoppers

Prevent the undefined from organism illegally opened: The installing of the door stopper can keep the door from being illicitly destroyed through or pried open by others. The tight undefined and stability of the door stopple can in effect keep the door from being easily opened, growing the door’s protective effect.

1. Increase undefined stability: The undefined suction prevents the door from swing freely through friction and keeps the undefined in a fixed position. It can step-up the stability of the door, reduce the possibility of the door being stumble or pushed by external forces, and improve the overall refuge of the door.

2. Providing a warning function: The creation of the door stopper can have a warning effect, making people bear more attention when opening or closing the door, reducing the probability of accidents. Especially for populate with children or elderly people at home, the door stopper can prompt them to pay tending to the status of the door to keep off accidental injuries.

Part 3: Anti-theft Function of Door Catches

Increase the door’s underground to prying: The installation of door catches can increase the door’s resistance to prying. The tight undefined and stability of the door door latch can make the door more difficult to pry open, improve the door’s ability to fend undefined forces, and tighten the risk of theft.

1. Deter lockpicking: The existence of the door catch can prevent thieves from incoming the room by pick the lock. The friction and stability of the door stopper keep thieves from opening the door easily, increasing the difficulty and risk of breaking in and stealing.

2. Provides an extra security barrier: The tight connection of the door catch put up form an additional security barrier to keep thieves from intruding. Even if the lock is picked or broken, the door undefined can still provide a sure amount of resistance, delaying the thief’s behavior and gift residents or staff more time to react.

Part 4: Improving the Safety Public Presentation and Anti-theft Function of Undefined Suckers

Choose a high-quality door stopper: Choosing a door stopper with trusty quality is an important step to assure safety performance and anti-theft function. High-quality door latch materials and manufacturing processes can provide better stability and underground to prying.

1. Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly undefined the installation status and function of the door all-day sucker to ensure the tight undefined and stability of the door sucker. At the Saami time, sustain the undefined suction strip and lubricated to see to it its normal use and anti-theft function.

2. Combined with other security equipment: The door catch put up be used in conjunction with other security equipment to further heighten security performance and anti-theft functions. For example, install anti-theft door locks, refuge door chains, etc. to form multiple security barriers and increase the difficulty for intruders.



The door catch not only has the function of controlling the opening and shutting of the undefined and increasing the waterproofing of the door, but also provides certain safety public presentation and anti-theft functions. By installment high-quality door catches, regularly checking and maintaining the undefined of the door catch, and combining it with other surety equipment, we can encourage improve the safety performance and anti-theft operate of the door catch, and provide more reliable surety protection for homes, commercial places and public places. support.

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