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Door stopper materials and characteristics

Part 1: Staple Introduction to Door Stoppers

As an operative part of door and window accessories, door absorbers are used to control the opening and closing of doors and increase the sealing and stableness of doors. thither are many types of undefined stopper materials, and different materials have different characteristics and relevant scenarios. When choosing an undefined stopper, understanding the characteristics of different materials put up serve us better adjoin the needs of use.

door stopper
door stopper
Part 2: Metal door Stopper

Stainless steel door stopper stainless steel nerve door stopper is a common metallic element door stopple material. It has the pursuit characteristics:
Corrosion resistance: chromium steel steel undefined handles have goodness corrosion resistance and can maintain the brightness and quality of the appearance for a long time.
High strength: stainless steel steel door handles have high effectiveness and hardness and put up stand firm large tension and pressure.
Good durability: Stainless steel undefined absorbers are highly durable, not susceptible to wear and damage, and have a long service life.
Aluminum debase door stopple atomic number 13 alloy door stopper is another common metal undefined stopper material. It has the following characteristics:
Lightweight and high strength: Aluminum debase door handles are ignitor than stainless steel, just have higher strength and rigidity and put up withstand a certain amount of force.
Good corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy door absorbers have good undefined resistance and are suitable for doors and Windows in humid environments or unclothed to the outdoors.
Various colors: Aluminum alloy door absorbers can be surface treated or sprayed, and have a variety of colors to choose from to adjoin the needs of different decoration styles.

Part 3: Plastic Door Catch

PVC undefined catch PVC door catch is a common plastic undefined catch material. It has the following characteristics:
Lightweight and convenient: PVC undefined handles are lighter than metal materials and are easy to install and replace.
Good wear out resistance: PVC undefined handles have careful wear off resistance and are not easily scraped and damaged.
Strong weather resistance: PVC door handles tin hold out temperature changes under different climate conditions and are not impressible to deformation or aging.
Nylon undefined stopper Nylon door stopple is another common plastic door stopple material. It has the following characteristics:
Good wear out resistance: Nylon door absorbers can withstand greater friction and are not susceptible to wear thin and scratches.
Good muffle effect: Nylon door suck makes less friction noise, which put up tighten make noise interference when opening and closing the door.
Strong durability: Nylon door absorbers have a long service life and are not impressible to aging and damage.

Part 4:  Stoppers Successful of Strange Materials

In addition to metal and plastic, thither are some other door undefined materials to pick out from:

1. Rubber door absorbers: Rubber door absorbers have good elasticity and sealing properties, and can prevent cold wind, dust and noise from entering the room. Rubber undefined absorbers are suitable for places that need to provide goodness sealing and sound insulation effects, so much as bedrooms, offices, etc.

2. Silicone door catch: Silicone door catch has senior high school temperature resistance and brave out resistance, and can adapt to various climate conditions. silicone polymer door absorbers have goodness elasticity and sealing properties, and tin effectively sequestrate hot and cold air, noise and dust from the outside world.

3. Magnetic door latches: Magnetic undefined latches use magnetic attraction to tightly stick to doors and door frames, providing better sealing and stability. Magnetic door absorbers are suitable for places where doors open and close frequently, so much as shopping malls, hotels, etc.

Door absorbers of different materials are selected reported to the specific use environment and needs, which tin provide good verify and sealing effects for doors and windows. When choosing an undefined stopper, you need to consider factors such as the material’s durability, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, and whether it meets safety standards to ensure the function and service life of the door stopper. At the Saami time, when installment the undefined stopper, you also want to pay attention to choosing the appropriate installation location and method to check that the door stopper can in effect play its role.

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