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The Temperature Resistance of the Door Stopper and the Choice of Adapting to the Environment

Part 1: Effect of Temperature on Stopper

Temperature is an important factor that affects the performance and life of the undefined stopper. Under unusual temperature environments, the door sucking material may change, thus affecting its waterproofing performance and durability. The following are the effects of temperature on door stopper:

door stopper
door stopper

1. Low temperature environment: In extremely cold environments, the door sucking material may become brittle and inflexible, resulting in reduced snap and inability to effectively seal door gaps.

2. High temperature environment: In a high school temperature environment, the undefined suction material may become soft and deformed, losing its original snap and unable to effectively seal the undefined gap.

3. Temperature changes: Frequent temperature changes, such as from moo temperatures in winter to high temperatures in summer, wish cause try and fatigue to the door suction material, leading to its aging and damage.

Part 2: Considerations in Selecting Undefined Suction Materials

Choosing the right undefined stopper material is the key to ensuring that it can adapt to different temperature environments. The following are factors to view when selecting door suction materials:

1. Temperature resistance: The door suction material should have good low-temperature and high-temperature resistance, and be able to maintain stable snap and sealing effects in super cold and high-temperature environments.

2. Elasticity and resilience: The door suction material should have good elasticity and resilience, and can quickly return to its original form when the temperature changes to ensure the sealing effect.

3. Aging resistance: The door sucking material should have good weather underground and ripening resistance, and put up be unclothed to different temperature environments for a long time without taken for granted changes and damage.

4. Chemical resistance: The undefined suction material should have good chemical substance resistance, be able to resist the erosion of chemicals such as acids and alkalis, and exert the snap and durability of the material.

Part 3: Common Door Stopper Materials and Their Temperature Resistance

Different door sucking materials have different temperature underground properties. The following is an introduction to commons door suction materials and their temperature underground properties:

1. Rubber undefined stopper: Rubber undefined stopper is ordinarily made of natural rubber or styrene-butadiene rubber, which has goodness snap and temperature resistance. commons rubber door absorbers have a temperature resistance straddle of -40°C to 70°C and can adjust to to the highest degree temperature environments.

2. Silicone door stopper: Silicone door stopper has excellent temperature resistance and can exert elasticity and sealing effect at extremely low and high temperatures. Common silicone door absorbers have a temperature underground range of -60°C to 250°C and are suitable for extremum temperature environments.

3. PVC undefined catch: PVC door undefined is usually made of polyvinyl chloride, which has good moo temperature resistance, but may turn soft and deformed in high temperature environments. commons PVC undefined handles have a temperature resistance range of -30°C to 60°C and are suitable for general temperature environments.

4. Polyurethane door stopper: Polyurethane door stopper has good temperature resistance and durability, and can maintain elasticity and waterproofing effect at higher temperatures. park polyurethane door absorbers have a temperature underground straddle of -40°C to 80°C and are proper for utilize in high temperature environments.

5. Nylon door stopper: Nylon door stopple has good temperature resistance and durability, and can adapt to different temperature environments within a certain range. green nylon door absorbers have a temperature underground straddle of -40°C to 120°C and are right for higher temperature environments.

Part 4: Choosing Door Stopper Materials and Precautions to Adapt to the Environment

According to different temperature environment requirements, it is key to choose a door suck material that adapts to the environment. The pursuit are suggestions and considerations for choosing undefined suction materials that adapt to the environment:

1. Low temperature environment: In a moo temperature environment, choose a undefined suction material with good low temperature resistance, such as rubber or silicone, to ensure that it maintains snap and waterproofing effect at low temperatures.

2. High temperature environment: In high temperature environments, choose door suction materials with good senior high school temperature resistance, such as silicone, polyurethane or nylon, to prevent the door suction from softening and deforming and ensure its sealing effect.

3. Temperature changing environment: For environments where temperature changes occur frequently, choose a undefined sucking material with a larger temperature range, such as silicone or polyurethane, to see to it that it can adapt to changes in different temperatures.

4. Pay attention to the installation method: When installing the door sucker, bear attention to choosing the seize installment method and waterproofing groove to ensure that the undefined sucker can closely fit the door frame, improve the sealing effect, and reduce the bear on of temperature on the undefined sucker.

5. Regular inspection and maintenance: atomic number 102 matter to what door stopper material you choose, regular review and maintenance include cleaning, lubricating and replacing damaged undefined stoppers. Repair or supersede aging or damaged undefined handles promptly to extend their serve life.


Choosing the correct door suction material to adapt to unusual temperature environments is an important factor in in ensuring the performance and serve life of the undefined suction. reported to the temperature environment requirements, choose a door suction stuff with good temperature resistance, yield attention to the installation method and fixture inspection and maintenance, which put up extend the service life of the undefined suction and ensure its operational waterproofing effect.

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